Filmvorführung zur Ausstellung Euromaidan – Occupied Spaces

Film screening and artist talk in OKK, Berlin, Prinzenallee 29,

Exhibition opening times: 31.1.- 20.2., Thurs.-Sun. 15 – 19 Uhr

On Saturday 15th February at 7p.m. in the OKK Gallery in Berlin, short films from Ukraine will be shown as part of the exhibition “Euromaidan – Occupied Spaces”.

Fragments of short films about the Euromaidan protests in Kiev curated by Ukrainian film-maker Dmitriy Tiazhlov will be shown for the first time in Berlin alongside films from the Babylon 13 initiative.

After the screening, a discussion with artist Yevgenia Belorusets will take place, focussing on media representations of this protest. It will also consider the many surprising and unpredictable developments and perceptions of this protest movement, which continues in Ukraine.

How can the experience of art, when it is incomplete and not self-sustaining, help us to understand current political and social reality? Are we able to perceive a thorough reality of a protest which is taking in a faraway country, when media representations of news are superficial? Is it possible for us to take a stance, and take responsibility for this reality, especially when we are not taking part in it ourselves?

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